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2 football league?

  • bledsoe280 posted: 20 May at 8:36 am

    NFL europe is the minor leagues for the NFL and its supposed to give Europe a look at the NFl, and the AFL isnt really a competitive league, I think that the new league if formed will compete for a year, until the NFL playoffs and then the new league will fold

  • Papa Dino posted: 22 May at 11:47 am

    I don’t know what your question is but you are right, There is only one NFL anything else is just to get you through to preseason.

  • tiny2kool posted: 24 May at 12:08 pm

    these guys must really want to throw their money away, instead of wasting it on this football league for a few years maybe they shold toss some my way, no way another football league ever competes with the NFL.

  • Football408 posted: 27 May at 9:53 am

    NFL is the best

  • Hvurb posted: 29 May at 10:36 pm

    I asked the same question and got a lot of good answers! Check it out it may help…

    Hope this will help,


  • Chuck Briggs posted: 01 Jun at 9:23 am

    If this was a spring and summer league it might stand a chance because in the early spring i start to get a football withdrawal. Right now it seems like the plan is to have the new league play friday nights during the normal football season. This would compete with high school football and wouldn’t stand a chance because a lot of people in America are very into highschool football. I can’t see this league succeeding if they try and play the games during the fall and winter.

  • darren b posted: 04 Jun at 6:03 pm

    I think it is a good idea. America cant get enough football. But having the schedule along side the NFL schedule is EXTREMELY STUPID.

  • SJSGIRL posted: 07 Jun at 2:56 am

    I guess they have forgotten about the XFL. Instead of trying to start another league maybe those people should try and add a new teams to states that don’t even have an NFL team.

  • Rouss posted: 10 Jun at 6:34 am

    Ya I agree. They did try this before and as you said it flopped. I’m not a fan of Mark Cuban because hes just too big headed. He’s probably just blowing smoke since his precious Mavs got blown out in the first round by the warriors. Players grow up wanting to be in the NFL not some second rate league.

  • mark b posted: 10 Jun at 7:34 am

    The problem with the United Football League is that its founders actually think that they can compete with the NFL. The NFL is the 800 ilb. gorilla of sports leagues which summarily disposed of the WFL, USFL and XFL. Plus there is a heck of a lot of football already out there. There are dozens of college games on in the fall and the NFL shows like 5 games per weekend on basic cable/TV. Factor in all the games you can watch on direct TV and there is already a ton of football out there. People are not going to follow a third rate league stocked with guys that couldn’t get drafted.

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