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how could the ufl make it if no other alternative football league could?

  • Zachary S posted: 30 Aug at 2:04 pm

    I’m not sure if the UFL is going to be a direct competitor to the NFL. I’ve heard they’re going to be more of a minor league for the NFL, which is why you see a lot of guys on UFL teams that were lesser known players on other NFL teams or guys that weren’t good enough to be picked in the NFL draft. I think it could survive as a minor league version of the NFL.

  • darryl.ireland posted: 31 Aug at 12:08 pm


  • Paul Bill posted: 31 Aug at 6:59 pm

    dude, that is gonna die off faster than the XFL. I still haven’t heard much about the UFL, they marketed the heck out of the XFL and it still failed big time. Also, they got Carl Peterson running it. They are DOOMED, trust me. Ya, Carl Peterson, the KC Chiefs GM for the past miserable 18 years, haven’t won a playoff game in 15 years!!!

  • John posted: 02 Sep at 11:37 pm

    With the same rules as the NFL. The rules for the UFL as they stand are exuberantly retarded! I mean their is an option for a 4 point conversion? what is this ****? They need to sign some big I mean big stars from the upcoming draft and current NFL teams and they need to campaign wisely. hey if the original USFL lasted for 3 seasons why cant this garbage last longer?

  • urbanreleaf posted: 03 Sep at 11:12 pm

    They could sign JP Losman to quarterback their flagship team

  • ClareM posted: 05 Sep at 8:42 am

    Carl Peterson has nothing to do with the UFL!! I don’t know if it will make it, but it’s best strategy is in not trying to compete with the nfl, but trying to complement it and developing players and officials for the nfl to sign and hire. They have big name coaches and a lot of big money investors behind it, so who knows. However, I don’t see it surviving long term, even if it were to partner with the nfl as kind of a minor league. I think eventually the costs of running the league and player salaries will outweigh the investment and the league will fold.

  • A posted: 06 Sep at 12:15 pm

    Ok first, Arena Football did survive. They didnt have it this year because the owners deciede to take a break.
    XFL was a joke, it was wresteling and football. Vince McMahon probably got the idea from seeing 8 year olds play football in an elementary school. It didnt deserve to survive.
    NFL Europe, i guess never caught on with the european people.

    The difference is UFL isnt gonna try to compete with the NFL at all.
    Their games are going to be fridays and saturdays I think, thier rosters are going to be made up of NFL free agents and such.
    And thier season is about 10 games I think, with it ending after thanksgiving.

    They arent competeing, but I dont think it’ll last that long. If it does itll be like a minor leauge. Which isnt good at all because it would delay rookie development and you wouldnt hear about overnight succes stories like peyton manning, or matt ryan, adrian peterson ect.

  • beastlywill posted: 08 Sep at 12:43 pm

    the UFL actually uses NFL players and america has decided we need an alternative to watch sometimes.

  • Alberto posted: 10 Sep at 4:19 am

    The UFL has a real opportunity to succeed. As long as they make it clear that they are a minor league that here to develop players, and they don’t get to overambitious and take there time to do it right. There definitely is a need for a developmental league, especially since the arena league is down and out, so more players available to play in the ufl. Give it a chance and be realistic about it. Football is my favorite and I personally will give it a chance.

  • da_hal posted: 13 Sep at 1:14 am

    Because of the money. wherever there’s money, there’s people trying to get it.

  • Phil posted: 13 Sep at 9:38 am

    I thought it wanted to be the NFL minor league, but after reading up daily they want to provide football deprived cities like los angeles with a team to root for with NFL rejects, if you will, making up the rosters.

    They are a cross between the AFL and the old American Football League of the 1960s, that they want to provide an alternative to the NFL but they schedule as far from Sunday as possible to avoid the fate of all the other league.

    As Bleacher Report put it, it wants to establish itself in the pro sports realm, but they want to be off Broadway to the nfl’s broadway.

    Plus is the NBA dleague on Versus? Or HD Net?

    Nope. The UFL wants fans, just like the old AFL of the 60s did.

    I know they will do well and gain thousands of new fans along the way, especially in a big market like LA that wants a team not named the Trojans playing. They got us a team for 2010, so I’ll see how that works.

    Plus, every alternative wanted the NFLs head, and played in spring. No and no. The UFL’s plan will work.

    From that standpoint, and how they build partnerships in those football deprived cities like las vegas, it might work!

  • John posted: 16 Sep at 1:19 am

    I really hope they UFL has what it take to survive. It would be another option for the players that get cut from an NFL team Also it will give rookies that get cut from the NFL another chance to play and also to impress another NFL team to sign them to a team. If not they still have the option to play in the UFL until someone does. The on;y think is getting people to watch. I agree they have not been advertising a lot so some people don’t know anything about the league except what they read on the internet. In fact that is how I came across the UFL. I am pulling for this league to stick around. Maybe with the AFL closing down some of those guys could sign on with a UFL team to continue their dreams.

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