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How many pro football teams has Los Angeles had and why don’t they have one now?

  • Ashley V posted: 27 Oct at 10:55 am

    14 all together.

    The people thier are too rude to hold a game for 60 minutes.

  • emiller1998 posted: 28 Oct at 6:07 am

    At least 5.
    – League folded
    – Chargers left for San Diego.
    – Raiders left for Oakland.
    – Rams left for St. Louis.

    In the NFL case they left because of poor support and poor stadium conditions. Basically they left for better money/better support. The Raiders actually had an attendance requirement in the deal with Oakland which I don’t think they met.

  • notaperviemusculargent posted: 30 Oct at 10:16 pm

    Ten different teams have had professional football franchises in Los Angeles:
    1926 AFL ~ Los Angeles Wildcats finished 4th 6-6-2
    1936-’37 AFL ~ Los Angeles Bulldogs joined in ’37. They were 8-0-0 and proclaimed the League champion. The 1st perfect season in the pros!
    1946-’49 AAFC ~ Los Angeles Dons
    1946 NFL ~ Los Angeles Rams came from Cleveland through ’94 season.
    1960 AFL ~ Los Angeles Chargers
    1982 NFL ~ Los Angeles Raiders came from Oakland through ’94 season.
    1983-’85 – Los Angeles Express ~ USFL
    1988 ~ Los Angeles Cobras Arena Football League {AFL}
    2000-present ~ Los Angeles Avengers joined Arena Football League {AFL}, which has been in existence since 1987.
    2001 XFL ~ Season finale: The Los Angeles Xtreme defeated the San Francisco Demons 38-6 in this
    game, played at the end of April, 2001.

    The NFL does not have a franchise in Los Angeles. The best argument given is that the NFL uses this to get what they want in other cities, i.e, bonds floated to build larger stadiums, get preference if a MLB eams needs the stadium, and the like. The NFL can threaten to move the franchise. There’s a lucrative market waiting for them.

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