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United Football League debuting in October?

  • Dino posted: 16 Nov at 11:16 pm

    It wont last at all the league kicks off in october and is only on for 6 weeks.

  • Aaron D posted: 19 Nov at 4:39 am

    i think it will last a little while longer than the xfl but most likely fail. it will survive because of investors and coaches that are in it already, but i think what they should do is turn it into a minor league like what MLB and NHL have to get younger players up to speed on playing.

  • doozie442002 posted: 21 Nov at 6:11 am

    I would hope it does for the people of Orlando! They really want an outdoor Pro team there!

  • Lonely at the Top posted: 21 Nov at 8:40 am

    its stupid of it to clash with the NFL. should debut in spring and summer. when nfl fans yearn to see football.

  • jpak posted: 24 Nov at 4:19 pm

    hopefully it lasts and gets on better tv networks its gives another options for players who dont make the nfl and more football to watch but they need atleast four more teams

  • BlueThunder posted: 26 Nov at 11:34 am

    From what I’ve read, the league will have an NFL flavor. 3 of the 4 teams will have former NFL head coaches and the 4th team’s coach is a former defensive coordinator.

    The players will mostly be guys cut from NFL training camps and will certainly will have good football skills. The younger guys will have a chance to display their abilities for future NFL opportunities, if anyone is watching.

    Since the UFL season will be over around Thanksgiving, it’s possible that some players could be signed to NFL teams late in the year.

    I think the league will last longer than the old XFL. Two seasons will do that. The league has a much sounder base than the XFL. For one, the league won’t be half-owned by a professional wrestling showman.

    The four cities involved, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando and New York have fan bases that can support teams. But it remains to be seen what the local interest will be.

    The games could be quality football and interesting to watch. But with no television contract, a short season, and playing games in direct competition with the NFL, the odds for the league lasting very long are low. These days, paying the bills with basically gate receipts just won’t cut it.

    If the league evolves into a pro football minor league, with NFL financial support, it could be around for awhile. If not, I’d guess the league will last 2 years, 3 at the most.

  • steve.b posted: 29 Nov at 7:34 am

    This league should not be playing the same time as th NFL

  • norrington_rulez posted: 30 Nov at 9:35 am

    It will fail. Only the Arena Football league has succeeded to have a league that’s not the NFL. Only 4 teams – San Fran, Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York. Won’t last long. Many have tried. 1 has succeeded. But as for now, it is going, and i guess I must say…
    Go Orlando!

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