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United Football League or bust?

  • Dommin posted: 09 Jun at 1:15 am

    This is going to be on the “top 25 sports flops” in ten years.

  • Aviator posted: 11 Jun at 12:04 am

    It won’t be another XFL but it still won’t work. The NFL and College ball is in full swing in October. They will only be able to sign NFL rejects They won’t get a TV contract. They won’t sell many tickets even at 20 -25 dollars a ticket. With no TV revenue they will not be able to sign Michael Vick. The players they do sign for 30-50 thousand a year will be lucky if they get paid at all.

  • icehoundxx posted: 13 Jun at 2:42 pm

    There was talk of another league last year, and it did not pan out. Arena Football has pretty much closed shop, even though it had a very good run of over 20 years. The CFL has been trying to broadcast games here during their season, and the ratings have been abysmal. The World League, which turned into NFL Europe, which turned into NFL Europa, finally shut down due to poor financial support and a weaker market both here and abroad (plus one or two NFL success stories from six teams with 53 players for several seasons did not inspire much confidence from the fans).

    The problem is that the fans see the NFL as the pinnacle of football success. Every other league or organization is little league in comparison. The NFL has the big bucks and the contracts with television and major sponsorships. The money is prevalent there. The UFL or any other league is already behind with unproven talent at a lower level (99.9% of all college players eligible for professional play will take the NFL over starting a new league any day of the week).

    If this league starts up, expect many cut players from the NFL hoping for a second chance followed with college rookies that were deemed not good enough to play at their level. Remember the XFL’s Rod Smart and the entire media hoopla he started with his jersey nameplate saying “He **** Me”? Well, he barely made it onto an NFL team and is occasionally running back punts during some games. The biggest runner in that league can barely scratch his name into the roster. Tommy Maddox had better success for a couple seasons, but fell to the wayside when Roethlisberger showed up and benched Tommy’s career permanently.

    The idea is great and having another option can be good. However, I doubt that this league will have the same level of competition that the NFL brings to their games. The only way that this league can make it is to have an immediate impact and grab a few star-power names that are currently playing for the NFL. The chances of that happening though are slim to none. It all comes down to the money and the NFL brings in the lion’s share without much effort whatsoever. Srill, if this new league does get underway, I wish them the best of luck and may even try to check out a game or two if they have a local team or if they can get a broadcast contract (ESPN2 probably).

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