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When the XFL began in 2001, did you believe it would last more than one season?

  • Alex C posted: 03 Jun at 6:34 am

    I thought it would.

  • Terry C. posted: 06 Jun at 11:38 am

    I knew it would fold when it was started, being connected to pro wrestling…It would never have been taken seriously like the NFL…

  • gnab gib posted: 08 Jun at 3:25 am

    Not really. I watched part of one game, and I tuned right back out. It was way too gimmicky.

  • Banky Edwards posted: 10 Jun at 1:49 am

    I knew there would be no support for a league of teams filled with less than the bottom of the barrel talent.

  • Dylan E (Go Riders ’09) posted: 12 Jun at 11:28 pm

    I thought it would still be on today. I enjoyed watching it.

  • professorintelligence posted: 15 Jun at 9:37 am

    Usually anything with the prefix “x” is generally worthless.
    Why would I want to watch Rashaan Salaam play in the XFL when I could watch NFL offseason coverage? Vinc McMahon is a clown, even though he could run the NFL better than Roger Goodell. At least Vince knows that he is a clown and can work it, Goodell has no idea that he is such a joke.

  • Kendall C, Proud 49ers Fan! posted: 17 Jun at 12:58 am

    I don’t think anyone really took it seriously. I know I didn’t. The way they tried to make these bottom of the barrell players seem as though it is a rags to riches story was pretty funny. If I can remember right, I even think they had helmet cams. That was a little interesting , but that was about it.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

  • Sallyrings posted: 19 Jun at 12:27 am

    yes i kinda thought it would last a few years,but i must admit back then i was very naive about how expensive it is to run all those player contracts and survive on just television revenues.

  • Mr R posted: 19 Jun at 12:19 pm

    I wasn’t sure how long it would last when it first started.
    But after I watched a few weeks, it was clear to me that it wasn’t going last very long at all.
    Instead of being about football and competition, it was all about the same stuff that happens at those dumb wrestling shows.
    I don’t think the games were rigged, but I thought that a lot of the things that happened during the broadcasts were to make the whole thing as big a joke as the wrestling is.
    They really didn’t try to make their game legitimate.

  • bigbiff_70 posted: 21 Jun at 12:05 am

    I thought the XFL would last at least three years because it was so cheap to run salary wise but the low ratings hurt NBC. I personally believe the league should have tried to get more games on a different network like TNT, TBS or FOXsports.

    I believe you are right. February is the wrong month for football on the East Coast. While the XFL did have L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas, they should have tried to recruit, San Diego, Phoenix and a very hungry city for football: San Antonio.

  • Dallas Cowboys Fan Forever posted: 23 Jun at 7:01 pm

    No, I thought it would stink. Because all of the players that are any good at professional football are already playing it in the NFL.

    The NFL has scouts all over the country. If there is a player worth his salt, they will find him.

    Plus, I never went for the XFL’s gimmicks, style, or presentation. I watched one game out of curiosity, found out how stupid it was, and never watched again. As I’m sure most people did.

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