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why did the xfl fail on tv?

  • zeal4him posted: 20 May at 11:07 pm

    They weren’t as good as the NFL or the CFL.

    They also didn’t have the big names.

  • Dave T posted: 22 May at 1:36 pm

    they tried to make their brand of football too much like wrestling. These were brand new teams, how could they already hold grudges against each other?

    Other than the over-hype I did enjoy watching the games.

  • nowaynohow posted: 23 May at 10:28 pm

    The skills level was pretty poor. Wasn’t there just one guy who went on to make it in the NFL, from the whole league?

    They were not together long enough to create teams, it was mostly a bunch of people playing pick-up games, with college level players. And they did not last long enough for fans to buy in.

  • steve_bono_13 posted: 25 May at 8:22 pm

    It was just cheesy. There were a lot of second-rate players that got pumped up like they were the baddest guys on Earth. Also It was lame to have the Undertaker holding a red football telling you how tough the no-names playing for Birmingham were. Plus, Tommy Maddox was the MVP. Tommy Maddox.

  • *^JAMMED UPT*%$# posted: 29 May at 5:11 am

    coz V. McMahon is an Idiot

  • WtF!?$^%# posted: 30 May at 3:45 am

    it was stupid

  • kwilfort posted: 01 Jun at 8:52 pm

    Too much showmanship not enough decent football.

  • cheesehead with an attitude posted: 01 Jun at 10:29 pm

    they could have made a product but they got too gimmicky, i have a friend of mine who played for L.A., and he even said that the promoters took too much away from the game with the crazy stuff…

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