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Why did the Xtreme Football League (XFL) Fold Up after one season?

  • Loco Sicko posted: 28 Oct at 2:28 am

    Because it ******. No real talent on the field…..except He Hates Me, who went to the NFL

  • Joebagodonuts posted: 28 Oct at 12:37 pm

    They went broke.

  • sirknightrob posted: 30 Oct at 3:57 pm

    If your not makeing any money via ticket sales and tv viewers your not gonna keep the product out for long.

  • Celtic Fan posted: 31 Oct at 11:15 pm

    Because they cannot match the talent of the NFL. National Football League.

  • Master Chief posted: 02 Nov at 10:40 am

    Nobody cared about XFL.

  • Travis L posted: 04 Nov at 11:44 am

    because it was FUCKING RETARDED

  • Lief R posted: 05 Nov at 1:40 pm

    The XFL folded after the 2001 season is that it failed to find an audience of its own, resulting in the league to fold operations. Another reason for the XFL’s demise was the lack of respect from the sports media, meaning that critics were treating XFL games like as sports contests, rather like WWE-liked sensationalized events. Some critics claimed that the XFL never gained the recognition to be regarded as a viable league & since NBC was a co-owner of the XFL, it made it harder to have all the game scores reported by ESPN & Fox Sports Net, for both cable networks declined to report on the XFL. Local Newspapers & local TV newscasts refused to report scores or show highlights from the league, leading to fans treat the XFL as a joke, rather than a competitor to the NFL.
    TV Guide rated the XFL as #3 in their worst TV shows of all time in July 2002, while ESPN ranked the XFL as #2 on their list of biggest flops in sports, behind Ryan Leaf.

  • atmadick posted: 07 Nov at 10:58 pm

    XFL got very low TV rating, cause nobody cared to watch..

  • information_police posted: 11 Nov at 2:40 am

    He **** them.

  • G O posted: 13 Nov at 8:24 am

    I tried to watch
    I go to Arena Football games
    The XFL wasn’t very good it was like watching 2 bad college football teams play

    He **** Me went to the Panthers and played OK.
    and Tommy Maddox the leagues MVP brought the Steelers to the Play-Offs

  • Cassie dosent like me posted: 15 Nov at 4:31 pm

    no one went to the games and no one watched them on TV

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