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Why do other professional football leagues that try to compete with the NFL end up failing?

  • Keebler Browns posted: 04 Aug at 4:54 pm

    beacse NFL is to popular.the next most popular is Arena.

  • aaron m posted: 05 Aug at 6:01 pm

    They dont produce good players great games and the commentating is horish.Watched the XFL but it was rigged.True. The money value to be spent is in the 50million- 1billion dollars and no endorsements to compete with.Bad TV times.And of course no history involved, stadium history and NO JOHN MADDEN!

  • Mark posted: 07 Aug at 11:40 pm

    the NFL gets first dibbs on the best players in the only nation that takes American football seriously. even the best in NFL europe only stride to make it to the US. that and the fact that the fan base is already established.

  • Joebagodonuts posted: 10 Aug at 8:39 pm

    Dude, the AFL was successful and they sued the NFL and won. That’s why we now have the AFC (formerly AFL) and NFC (formerly NFL). Ever wonder why we’re only on Superbowl 42 when the league’s been around for 80+ years?? The merger was what led to the Superbowl.

    Fans do not respond to other leagues, so nobody attends and owners lose money. Nobody watches on TV and advertisers don’t buy airtime. It’s all about money.

    Why aren’t there two baseball leagues? Basketball leagues? The same thing applies.

    There isn’t enough talent for both leagues to be entertaning.

  • ny21tb posted: 12 Aug at 12:48 am

    the NFL, is a proven and, established product. the various teams, have had their fan bases for decades. given a choice between the NFL and, another football league, I will pick the NFL, every time. of all of the other venues, the USFL, fared the best because, A. they did not go head to, head with the NFL and, B. they also, signed big name college players. (Herschel Walker, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, to name a few)

  • Tee posted: 15 Aug at 8:43 am

    You are actually wrong about nobody being able to compete with the NFL. The AFL was another football league and they gave the NFL their run for their money, so instead of keep on fighting with each other, they merged. The only other league that had a chance was the USFL, but there is just way too much history for any of the other leagues to compete.

  • Avatar ??? 2008??? posted: 16 Aug at 2:59 pm

    are you referring to the NFL (Not For Long) league that is headed for collapse.

    Thanks Bill – sure glad you got those rings ?

  • G O posted: 18 Aug at 3:15 pm

    The USFL had a chance
    they tried to go head to head with the NFL, they played in the spring and were starting to grow a fan base than after a couple years moved to the Fall. The product couldn’t compete, the had also stars playing at one postition and undrafted players starting at others. There were only a few complete teams. They had some very big Stars play for them.

    The NFL was also found guilty of Bulling the Networks and the USFL was award Three Dollars.
    Sounds like someone got paid off

  • Bonnie D posted: 22 Aug at 12:46 am

    Are you doing a research paper or something? You asked a similar question about the XFL?

  • PatsFan2007 posted: 24 Aug at 3:08 pm

    2 reasons

    1. Other leagues can’t get the quality players. Basically they get the ones that couldn’t get into the NFL. Players view any league other than NFL as a stepping stone to the NFL. Not a league of its own. Actually, the USFL was able to get some good players, but it wasn’t enough.

    2. There is no history with other leagues. NFL teams have been around for almost 100 years. New leagues don’t have the emotional attachments that the NFL teams have, thus nobody really cares about them.

    I thought the USFL actually had a chance to make it, but, it didn’t. The XFL was a joke. I mean come on.

    As far as the NFL collapsing, no way that happens. Congress is threatening to remove anit-trust exemptions, but won’t do it and everyone knows they won’t. Specter is just trying to look tough. Do you really believe that the NFL is going to go back to the way it was before and split into 2 different leagues? No way. Specter is grandstanding.

  • Cassie dosent like me posted: 25 Aug at 8:41 am

    because the players that arent good enough dont wanna play arena football so they start there own leagues but no one cares about it

  • nathan posted: 27 Aug at 7:24 am

    because the NFL is a monopoly

  • dan s posted: 28 Aug at 5:06 pm

    because theres alot of players out there that dont make it and it could be their shot. its all timing. the all american football league is going to run out of season of the NFL which could make it more successful.

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