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Would you watch a football game that was ethnically devided?

  • wc_bot048 posted: 18 May at 9:57 am

    you’re the most ****** piece of shit, you need to find better things to do with your time than to try to divide the people as we try to unite as one!!! you were probably home schooled and your parents didnt love you enough.

  • avidfilopino posted: 20 May at 5:27 am

    The question sounds beyond ****** already. . .

  • *JUICED* TRYNA GET RICH!! posted: 21 May at 12:45 am

    yes people would watch becuz that all america cares about is race and sex,money

  • macmike posted: 21 May at 2:05 pm

    Dat Nguyen played for the Dallas Cowboys for like 8 years……This show would be similar to the idea of the reality show having teams made up with all of the same ****** which was condemmened..

    Daunte Culpepper, Warren Moon, Michael Vick are decent quarterbacks…….

    But why arent there any good white running backs????? or wide recievers??????

    Or why arent there good black kickers or punters?????

  • my jellybean posted: 23 May at 4:25 am

    I think you are ****** if you come up with ideas like that…

    …and no, I’d never watch something like that!

  • kara s posted: 23 May at 6:01 am

    All i got to say is ‘If there were no black people in sports, then there wouldnt be much of any kind of sport to watch’ Except for NASCAR that is.

  • Khrewton posted: 25 May at 9:39 am

    I have occasionally thought it would be fun to see if the best available all white basketball team could be competitive, but basketball is non-contact. I like football but I don’t think steroid crazed football players are good choices for a violent racially divided contest. But SOME people I’m sure would disagree.

  • Nasdaq J posted: 27 May at 1:08 am

    I agree with Kara S, sports would be pretty dull without African Americans. Besides football, imagine how boring it would be watching a slam dunk contest, lol!

  • AnaBanana posted: 28 May at 12:18 pm

    I think you’re a ****** crap head, but I also see your point.
    The sad thing is that yes, America would watch this, because we are just that stupid and ****** and unaccepting.

  • neepo13 posted: 30 May at 1:51 pm

    No. I wouldnt watch especially if that is your selling point. Football fans do not care what color there best players are as long as they win games. A QB could be green but as long as he puts points on the board, who cares.

  • Lotus Phoenix posted: 03 Jun at 1:05 am

    It would be popular but like the colussium, it will bring out the worst in us. It will create MORE racial division and stupidity.

  • aceal13257 posted: 04 Jun at 6:07 pm

    Yes I would watch it. I probably would watch it everyday and even play fantasy football for that league. I hope that league happens then it would give black coaches their chance to prove themselves to the NFL and get rid of the rule where they have to be interviewed.

  • msy629 posted: 07 Jun at 10:45 pm

    First of all ******* team?? so a team made up of all girls vs guys? That doesnt sound right. Secondly the black team would kill all the other teams. You’d have on the black team what McNabb as QB, Harrison, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith at wide out, Antonio gates at tight end, LT, Shaun alexander, and Larry Johnson as running backs. Then on defense youd have champ bailey, Ed reed, Sean Taylor, Shawn Merriman, Julius Peppers. On the white team you would have what Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at qb, Mike alstott at running back, Brandon Stokeley, Kevin Curtis and Matt Jones at Wide out, Shockey at tight end, and then on defense archuleta and urlachlet are the biggest names. Asian Team have Timmy Chang at QB and no running back Hines ward at wide receiver, maybe Seau and Polamalu on defense, and then fill the team with bunch of hawaiins.

    The game is just not going to work. Besides whats the point of racially dividing up teams? dont you just want teams made up of the best available players. Yeah it might be interesting to watch one time but its not something that would be interesting year after year its just way to gimmicky to be legit.

  • imputh posted: 11 Jun at 12:04 am

    mayb…probably would also die off

    there would be few teams and then gays and ******** would interfere because they would borrow people from other teams possibly wouldnt really by ethnicity

    but not being ****** prejudice towards blacks or other… the blacks would always win. talent is not y. just because of athleticism and strength. its scientifically proven.

    there is no asian community…lol…offensive but true.

    good for like one or two games but the blacks would win

    black quarterbacks can run. and there are good ones. mick vick (no receivers), mcnabb (GREAT PASSER), troy smith, etc. there just havent been that many in the past. in the future MANY more qbs will b black.

    i forgot one thing. i already mentioned this. but the black receivers would crap over the white (there are no other races that play ftball) corners. did u notice all corners in the nfl are black? and wrs and rbs. NO GOOD white rbs.

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